We are currently living in an era whereby financial education is more imperative than ever before.

As we leave the Industrial Age, and enter the Information Age; the value of one’s education increases substantially. Formerly, the success model that stipulated that you should go to school, get good grades to get a well paid job was perfect. Nowadays, however, that formula is irrelevant.┬áDo we have sufficient financial information at our disposal to meet the challenges of this eclectic new world?

Years ago it was not a necessity to have an additional education because change occurred at a slower pace. In other words, the education you received from your schooling years would suffice. Those on the brink of retirement are now faced with the prospect that their education is no longer enough, and find it increasingly necessary to gain additional training for their jobs.

Formal education will always be a part of the basic criteria for success but what of financial literacy? For both you and your child to succeed, financial literacy which leads to financial independence must be obtained. Financial education is not being taught until secondary school which , in our opinion, is too late. Consequently, many young people find themselves trapped by student loans in the bad debt trap. Therefore, it is of the highest priority that children are taught the right money and investment habits in anticipation for their future financial decisions.

In essence, we are here to help every parent who would like to facilitate their financial success thus encouraging financial freedom.

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